Image of Samantha Cigarroa


I'm a designer that helps clients turn their ideas into meaningful products. My eight years of combined design experience have taught me that empathy and effective communication are key to creating positive outcomes.

My background as an architectural designer has led me to understand the intricacies of making designs become a reality. It was during my time working in this industry that I discovered that user needs must always work in harmony with a wealth of requirements, and found that a similar design process applies to UX/UI design. Currently, I work as a visual designer that helps clients discover their visual identity and express their brand through thoughtfully crafted products.

I aspire to transition into a product design career, and I recently completed Springboard’s 9-month UX/UI Bootcamp. I hold a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin and a Google UX Design Professional Certificate. When I'm not working on design projects, you can find me painting still lifes in my art studio, experimenting with my camera, or reading a great book.