Summer 2011
Professor Larry Doll

This project was designed to create an understanding  of space, program, and their relationship to one  another. Every person in the studio was arbitrarily given three verbs, which were then strategically placed in a 14’ x 14’ concrete cube. The spaces were to be carved into the mass, and a natural lighting scheme was to be considered for each action. The words given to me were hug, jump, and pray.  

The hug room was programmed at the entrance of the space, where an embrace is given upon greeting. The light from the door opening enters the room and bounces off of the curved ceiling. The visitor then has two options: he or she could climb down small steps, which create a threshold for entering the jump rope room, or descend down a longer set of stairs towards the prayer room.

In the jump rope room, a lot of lighting is needed for the physical activity. Sunlight enters from three places: a window above eye level to illuminate the room, a small tunnel at the feet to see the ground, and from above to create ambient lighting. This room is acoustically connected to the angular prayer room below, enablying rhythmic prayer.

To enter, the visitor descends down a long flight of stairs to the very bottom of the massive cube. Here, a prayer room is located. The flight of steps has clerestory lighting, which is abundant at the top, but diminishes upon turning the corner. Dramatic lighting from the prayer room comes down a funnel that opens up to the sky above.   The angular room echoes the noise from the jump rope room, which functions as a rhythm for meditation when occupied.