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This is a page of explorations, of ideas described by visual storytelling. The following pages hold projects of various scales, complexities, and different mediums.

The architecture is organized by scale, beginning with the micro, leading to the macro, and ending with the scaleless. Each project's images are carefully selected to tell a story, and the sequence is curated to illustrate the concept as fully as possible. They represent an idyll of the human relationship to site, to culture, and to the spaces within. 

Production design  calls for carefully selected scenes that complement the individual narrative. The complexity lies in different issues, which include character development, plot, and mood. The aesthetic of each of these projects speaks to a specific concept that drove the story. 

In my art, each image is intentional, and each decision is composed to say something about what is being portrayed. They try and communicate the subject as I perceive them.

Each of these fields apply the same design process to different mediums. Together, they embody visual storytelling.