Professor John Blood
Spring 2014

Set in a black and white world, a spirit attempts to escape limbo. An ominous force chases after the spirit causing its world to go dark. The disoriented spirit dismayed by life in darkness attempts to escape its ominous circumstance. As it flees, it finds itself in the desert, where it discovers it can utilize environmental conditions to its advantage. The spirit also becomes aware that amorphic Erebus, the limbo god of the underworld, is in pursuit to bring it back to his world of darkness. Harnessing the power of light the spirit has potential to defeat Erebus and escape the torment of limbo. Its journey is told through third person camera in a linear path where a grey and flat landscape dominates the beginning and transforms into a saturated, colorful landscape.

Sectional Map

A sectional map of the level. It shows the transition from black and white to color, the change from a flat landscape to a saturated one, and from a dim star to a brighter one. 

erebus chase

Image showing the villain, Erebus, chasing the spirit. He attempts to bring him back to darkness. The scene changes from a bright landscape, to one becoming increasingly saturated by darkness.

Our game's villain, Erebus, is a nocturnal bat that emanates darkness. He threatens to take Shadow back to Limbo, but the beauty and light of the star keep our spirit moving forward, evading him throughout the level. Shadow somehow feels as though the star knows something about his past that he cannot remember. 

The drawings were used to produce the computer rendered images seen above. They illustrate the decreasing darkness and increasing color.