Directed by Shelby Hadden
Spring 2014

The Dove Scouts is film about a boy named Lucas, who attempts to join the Dove Scouts after being kicked out of the Weasel Scouts for not receiving badges. The film begins with Lucas disguising himself as his overachieving sister, Bridgette, as he sells her girl scout cookies. He then walks into one of their meetings, where the girls tell him he isn’t allowed to join their organization.   His sister, the top-cookie-seller, is embarrassed. Lucas argues with the troop leader, Miss Applebee, and they come to an agreement that he can join if he earns three badges. These are dancing, art, and manners. Lucas shines at the first two, and fails at the last, only to find that Miss Applebee cheated. Bridgette stands by her brother, and together they are kicked out of the Dove Scouts meeting.

The film is meant to be light and comedic, with  undertones acceptance throughout the film. Warm, bright colors are used, and props I created are meant to add life and comedy to the bright atmosphere. The uniforms are strongly tied to the personality of each character.

LEFT: An image of Bridgette and Lucas. Bridgette has many badges, as opposed to Lucas, who doesn’t have any. 
RIGHT: A picture of Miss Applebee, the troop leader. Her expression is stern, her tightly combed bun, pearl earrings, and perfect cardigan show her stern character.

Clockwise, beginning at upper left: 

IMAGE 1: An image of Lucas selling girl scout cookies wearing Bridgette’s uniform and hairstyle. The color of the badges pop, adding life to the scene.

IMAGE 2: Lucas in the first task, which is tap dancing. In motion, his gold, studded vest shimmers in the light. 

IMAGE 3: Lucas showing the troop his painting of Obama, the second task. It was made using beans of different colors, and the unexpected level of detail adds comedy to the scene.

IMAGE 4: On set for manners, the third task. The table set matches the Dove Scout uniform and provides a neutral tone to the colors in the background.