Directed by Barbara Cigarroa
Winter 2013

Deer Blind is about a young boy, Cody,  living in rural Texas. He is playing outside of his home when he hears his father and brother fighting. His brother emerges from the home with a nosebleed. His dad comes out shortly thereafter, telling Cody that they are going to kill a deer. He appears sad, but follows him to the deerfeed. Here, they find a deer, and his father orders him to kills it. Cody takes a shot and misses. As they move in closer, his father sees his despair, and realizes what he is doing to Cody. He looks at him, and tells him to drop the gun. 

This film is psychological, focusing on the tense relationship between Cody and his father, and by extension, his home life. His environment is intentionally offputting. The film is introduced with the main character playing with a rubber tire. Instead of having fun, he looks despaired. In addition to this, his home is picturesque but dilapidated, as though it should be a happy family home but isn’t. The image to the left shows the color scheme of the film, showing the somber mood. 

Image showing a dilapidated ranch scene. A deer skull is covered in blood, showing that Cody is aquainted with death, and with a rough way of living. This was used to introduce the film, giving it a somber feel.

To the right is a drawing showing the mood of the film, which is dark and melancholic. The house appears to be a picturesque family home, but the tone of the drawing is offsetting. The dilapidated home is shown in actuality on the left. The drawing was created based on materials on site, and was a tool to create the composition of the props on the scene.

These drawings show a scene described by the director. With the knowledge of available materials, a composition was created upon visiting the site. Cody sits below his father, indicating his fearful disposition.